The Digital Pianola

An interactive revival of a classic mechanical pianola design, which uses paper and light to compose music

The Digital Pianola is made up of 40 metres of paper containing 20760 perforated dots. Removing these dots allows light to shine through the paper and onto an array of 15 light dependant resistors. This change in light triggers one of 315 samples that all harmonise across a pentatonic scale, allowing users to compose music by creating forms from the removed dots.

Created by

Benjamin Weetman concept, development, construction |

Doug Roxburgh development, sound design and programming |

Hal Gillilan concept, development, construction, edit |

Sean Frank Johnson concept |

Zahra Shahabi Sirjani concept, development |

I'm Hal.
I'm a designer/maker based in London.

I run The Dome Company with my family and work freelance making things with Sugru, Studio Raw, Andy Knight Ltd and Pod Films.

Contact me via email or twitter.